Ahmedabad Ladies Circle 64 BP Idol!

ALC64 Annual Project and Fundraiser

Singing their way into our hearts!

I landed in Ahmedabad after a smooth flight and went straight to Rajpath Club to join the fellowship drive. Tablers from Area 5 were stopping in Ahmedabad enroute to Surat, Nasik and Pune. It was great to meet friends from my home turf.

Ahmedabad Ladies Circle (ALC64) organizes a Blind People’s Idol (BP-Idol) every year, in association with Blind People’s Association. In its 6th year, BP- Idol has become one of the most popular competitions in Ahmedabad and I was shocked to see 500 people in the audience. Cr.Udita Thakore updated that the numbers can go up depending on the location- one of the competitions which were done in a Municipal market which attracted more than a 1000 visitors! Since the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) has been involved as well, getting permissions for markets and lakesides haven’t been that difficult.

Till date, around 200 participants from the State of Gujarat have applied. The finals include 25 participants, who have sung their way into the hearts of the audience. I was amazed to hear them as they could give the top singers a run for their money. One of the winners in the last year or so even managed to get a contract with a recording studio! Some of the participants also went on and made their own music band- Ahsas.  The winner of the BP-Idol 6 was Mr.Bipin Jaane, who had the chance of being interviewed on 94.3FM the next morning. From 9:00am-11:00am, he was on air with the RJ, talking about his journey and also singing a few lines from his winning song. He was super thrilled!

Live On FM

BP-Idol 6 winner Bipin Jaane

Its inspiring to see such projects by LC and I hope that they continue to grow. For anyone interested in knowing more or sponsoring such events can contact me.

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