Chidya Circle, Rhino Circle and Ladies Circle

Chidya (Bird) Circle and Rhino Circle have been important landmarks in Baroda. And now, on the rise, is the popularity of the Ladies Circle 76. This group of ladies has been constantly working on doing projects that funds education of children,  donating water coolers, refrigerator and giving talks on hygiene.

Akshar Center for Hearing impaired Children

One of their projects is the Akshar Center for Hearing Impaired Children, which is run by the Akshar Trust. Located in Mangal Bazaar, tis school has approximately one hundred and fifty students, who are enrolled from class 1st to class 12th. Ladies circle has donated a water cooler and some hearing aid equipment and batteries in this school. Apart from this they have also sponsored the education of one girl called Vishaka Kharwa.

Vishaka Kharwa

Most of the students, like Vishaka, are from nearby localities and belong to families who work has domestic help. By supporting the education of one child, LC76 hopes to make children self sufficient. They hope to sponsor more children in the future. The total sponsorship for a year per child is Rs 12-15000. In total, Ladies circle has done projects of around Rs 150,000 in the last two years.

The school is set to move into their new building in Sherkhi on the outskirts of Baroda. Ladies Circle is currently collecting funds to by a bus/vehicle to ferry students from town to the school and back. Can you help?

Cr.Richa and Cr.Jhilmil with Vishaka

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One thought on “Chidya Circle, Rhino Circle and Ladies Circle

  1. when you see photos of children who have actually benefited from the movement, it just gives a different kind of satisfying feeling inside. i truely feel great to see the children smile.

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