A day well spent with LC 102 Surat

Ashramshala, Sachin

Sachin…thats the name of the village where I was headed. Must be en extremely proud village as it shares the name with probably the greatest batsman in cricket  Sachin Tendulkar!

I was home hosted by Tr.Naitam and his wife Cr.Seema, whom I thank for their hospitality.

The next morning Seema, Cr.Jaanvika (Chairperson) and Tr.Virat left for Sachin, approximately 25km away from Surat. Their project is called Ashramshala Pardi kande, Sachin. With two hundred and fifty students, Ashramshala is both Government and privately funded. The students not only study in the classrooms but also use them as dormitories at night. Students from all over Gujarat, belonging to different castes come to study here- be it from Valsad, Tapi, etc. A blackboard in the school actually shows the number of students from various districts and also from various castes!

Another 'Sachin' in the making?

The ladies Circles has contributed to various events at the school They have given blackboards, mattresses, sports equipment and books to the library. Their total contribution to the school has been in the range of Rs 125,000- Rs 150,000. They have been working with the school for the last 2 years and consider this as a long-term project, where they now plan to donate lights, benches, filtered water facilities and also repair the solar heater as well as the existing bathrooms.

Cr.Jaanvika and Cr.Seema with school authorities

Apart from the school, the circle has also contributed to Maskati Hospital in the old city of Surat. Run by the Surat Corporation, the Ladies circle has given a wheelchair and a stretcher. More contributions are planned in the future and your donations would really help!

Maskati Hospital, Surat

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