Magic is the key to many smiles!

I’ve been out of Delhi for a week now and haven’t seen many live projects. Thus, this one in Pune was going to be very special. I had spoken to the chairperson of Poona Cosmopolitan Ladies Circle (PCLC) 81, Cr.Dolly Narang, on the phone regarding the project that I was working on and she worked ahead of her schedule and organized a project, that I could shoot while I was in Pune.

Happy Days!

I was picked up by Dolly’s husband Tr.Lovely a.k.a. Sandeep. Waiting for me in his black Innova, he greeted me as if I had met him before and soon we were chatting all the way to the project – the Mazda Ice Factory, which is now used as a banquet hall. The PCLC 81 had been toying with the idea of fulfilling a few desires of the cancer patients and since there wasnt much time to organize that, they chose to do a fun-filled day for them – magic show, puppetry, tattoo making and lunch.

Magic is the key to many smiles!

I was welcomed by the Chairperson and her troop of circlers as soon as I arrived. The importance that was given to me was overwhelming – a bouquet of flowers and a session of photographs. I felt like I was really welcomed. Thank you ladies!

The Cancer Patients Aid Association, Pune distributes free medicines to needy patients and run cancer detection as well as awareness camps. Not only they counsel, they also help in getting funding for treatment as well organizes light days for patients which includes activities which the LC had organized today. in the last fifteen years in Pune, they have had more than a thousand patients who have come in for check ups. They were present in numbers today and also had convinced thirty patients to come.

The day started with a magic show, to which even I was made to become a ‘bakra‘. While the magician, who was very entertaining, made me dance to his tune, I could see the Pune tablers and circlers laughing their hearts out. It wasnt only them, I could even see the crowd enjoying my funny moves. Following that a puppet show and a lunch, which was delicious. Fruits and gifts were also distributed to the patients; anything to make them feel special and forget their daily routine of treatment.

Events like these creates publicity and awareness. One gentlemen walked in after looking at the banner on the road. He was in the transport business and once he saw the good work which the Ladies Circle was doing, he offered free transport for all patients whenever needed. The owner of the hall, Mr.Mazda did not charge a penny after he got to the know about the cause. Even the caterer refused to take his nominal charges after he saw the event, though the Ladies convinced him to take a token amount.

A Surprise Donation!

Ladies, not only you made me feel special but also every single person in the hall. Days like these can help the moral of the patients and forget their pain for a while. I hope that you continue this good work regularly.

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One thought on “Magic is the key to many smiles!

  1. this story was very very moving. reading about such things makes us feel so privilidged. all the daily complaints that we make are so futile when you think of their lives. god bless them all.

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