Welcome to the Wine District!

Nasik Road Station

Let me start by giving a word of advice ,don’t take the train from Pune to Nasik. It faster by a few hours if you drive.

Its one boring ride as the train never goes beyond 20km per hour. And it stops everywhere. Its goes all the way to Panvel near Bombay and then comes back to Nasik. My friend, Avinash, warned me about this but sometimes I just get too stubborn. The landscape after Kalyan was extremely good, though.

By the way, Nasik is India’s wine district and unfortunately, I couldn’t get enough time to visit the Sula wineyards. Next time, for sure!

Sepia Tone Mountains

I was picked up at the station by Tr.Vivek, Chairman of Nasik Round Table 107. Soon we were at Machaan, the bar-be-que restaurant in Nasik. Along with us were IPC Tr.Jignesh, Cr.Meghna (Chairperson LC119) and Cr.Bhumika (Secretary LC119). Within a moment, the four of us clicked and were chatting away. Jignish’s sense of humor was worth the time spent with them.

Nasik Ladies Circle is very very young circle. It was chartered only a year ago and they still have to celebrate their first Annual General Meeting. And yet, their spirits were as good as any seasoned circle of the Ladies Circle India. One could see they that they enjoyed what they d0, and the projects speak for that.

Their long-term project is a orpahanage called Balak Ashram. Situated on Trimbak Road at Village Khambada, approximately 20km away from the city, this facility is run by a couple, Dr.Ratnakar Pawar and his wife, who are doctors. The ladies Circle identified this project through an article in the local newspaper. They then visited the orphanage and subsequently got associated with it.

God's own!

The orphanage has around twenty children from various age groups. While some are only a few months old, the oldest of the lot, Dilip,is eighteen and currently studying in a medical college. The Ladies Circle have been constantly donating funds to run this place, which caters to the salaries of the teachers who come here, meals, as well diapers for the little ones, milk products and groceries. They have also donated money to put wire mesh in the windows so that the mosquitoes are kept away. They have also come and celebrated birthdays and festivals with the children. They also take them on outings and picnics and also involve their own children in such activities. I was surprised to see the involvement of the ladies, who picked up the children, change their diapers without thinking twice. I could see how much the kids loved them as well.

Strong team of Ladies!

The ladies also conducted the ‘Joy of GivingWeek’ at the school, where for one week they held dental check ups, eye and blood tests. On one of the days, the twinklers took presents for the children and also took part in a puppetry show. On Christmas, the ladies took the children to a Chinese restaurant, where they were greeted by a Santa Claus! It’s good to see so much enthusiasm in the ladies and I hope that these projects grow larger and stronger. Thank you, Neha and Shitij, for a wonderful lunch!

Changing for a better future!

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  1. amazing to see their commitment!!!!!!!!!
    and some good ideas

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