A crazy Bus Journey to Thrissur!

I wasn’t looking forward to it but it was the fastest way to get to Thrissur. Bus journeys can be dreadful for my back but then there wasnt any other option! I got dropped off at the bus stop and boarded a FAST bus to Thrissur. I was lucky enough to get a seat right in front, next to the driver, with ample space for my suitcase. The weather was just perfect, cloudy and pleasant.

It was only 60km to Thrissur and was turning out to be a nice one. The roads are great in Kerela, so make sure that you rent a car, if you do plan to see the state. But my only advice is- stay clear of the buses. They come in various categories, Express, Fast, Super Fast, and ARE YOU CRAZY!  Though my bus said fast, I was sure it was a ARE YOU CRAZY!

Slip Sliding away!

‘Speed Thrills, but kills’- I think my driver just missed the sign. But then he missed all of them. I held onto the window from one side and my bag on the other. I looked at my driver and he smiled. He zigged and zagged and zigged again. One hand was on the steering wheel and one on the horn. He was there to thrill, or kill! And if this wasnt enough, Mother Nature had an element of surprise- RAIN! It wasnt even the season for monsoon but it poured. It poured like there was no tomorrow. All the passengers started rolling down the shutters of the window but the water came in anyways. My drivers spirit, however, never dampened!

Watch out, Cow! Oh! What the hell! I was already wet, and couldn’t see anything through the glass in front of me. The driver had one little wiper on his window, which didn’t help much. As it tried it best to wipe the rain away, the driver focused on taking over all the Formula 1 records. Move over Schumi, this guy means business.

We reached Thrissur- a beautiful temple town. The rain finally stopped and a nice golden light fell on the town. It was almost as if this journey was a test and I passed it with flying colors!

St. Marthimothious School

The next morning I was back on the project, taking pictures of Thrissur Ladies Circle 103. Chaired by Chairperson Sindhu, we set off to the St. Marthimothious School, which is almost 90 years old. There are two wings to the school, one which teaches the Lower Primary (i.e. till class 4th) and the other which has students in the secondary and the higher classes. A church is in the middle of the compound. The church and the school, were both beautiful!

The children were preparing for their annual day when we reached. So, we decided to sit with them and see their preparation. They were thrilled to have an audience. Round Table has been associated with the toilets and the roofing for the school, while the Ladies Circle has donated the furniture, a small playground and have also paid for the painting for the classrooms. They also attend the annual day events.

An Audience for a photographer

We then went to the N.S.U.P. School, which is almost 80 years. Aided by the Government, the school caters to the Upper Primary students i.e. Class 5th onwards. The Ladies Circle has donated computers, library cupboards and a microphone system. They have also been a part of the paintings done on the wall. The total cost of the projects have been around Rs 200,000. The circle has also built a toilet block in St.Mary School, which is the Chalakudi village. Most of their fundraising is through a lifestyle exhibition, and various HRD programs like flower making, cooking and others. Good job 103!

Cr.Sindhu and Cr.Radhika with all the wall paintings

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  1. first part….toooo funny!!

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