As Bright as it gets!

Baba Ambedkar Memorial

With time to kill in the evening, I decided to stroll around the palace. As evening set in, Mysore was coming alive with it lights. And the activities of my hotel was picking up. Hotel Parklane is definitely one of the top places to stay in Mysore. Not only its cheap (Rs 900 for a single room with AC), it is clean and the staff is friendly. Every room has a TV, a safe, hot and cold water and I promise a great stay for budget travelers. As soon as you check in, you are handed a transparent pouch with loads of goodies in it- toothbrush, paste, shaving cream, razor, soap, ear buds, matchbox, a portable comb (my favorite) and a few more things. It was a pleasant surprise!

Mysore Clock Tower

The hotel boasts of an open restaurant on the first floor, which they call Beer Garden. It is one of the most popular ‘hang-outs’ in Mysore and is always full in the evenings. The beer’s flowing and so is the food. Lookout for interesting things in this hotel. If you want service at your table, just press the button on top of your head, and a red light comes on. That’s the signal for the waiters to come to you! Another interesting fact is the menu! Skip to the last page and its mentions the 10 best way to beat a hangover! You know this beer garden rocks!

Bright and beautiful

After a nice chilled beer (couldn’t resist the beer garden) I set off to explore my neighbourhood. As soon as walked out, I crossed a theatre playing a Kannada movie playing in its 50th week. I could hear an actor giving a warning to the villain from the outside. I chugged along, crossing a few snack counters on the street. Avoiding the tingle in the my taste buds, I walked to the idol of Baba Ambedkar, pointings towards the Mysore Palace. Behind him, the memorial hall looked elegant! From there you can also view the majestic clock tower, the numbers on which are in Kannada! Good luck with that!

Mysore Palace

Every Sunday, the Mysore Palace is lit from 7pm to 8pm and like every tourist I wanted to be there. So I walked to the northern gate and stood in the line. the sight of the palace is beautiful and for a minute the lights made me shut my eye. It almost was a place out of a fairy tale and I couldn’t stop staring at it. Thousand of people came in to see the palace in that hour. The entry is free so its makes it a good place for an evening picnic! I suggest you spend the hour here. If you get bored with the palace, there plenty of people to keep you entertained!

That's me! (with the two arms raised)

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