Mysore Ladies Circle- in the thick of things!

Mysore is buzzing with activity. The Ladies Circles of Mysore are very active in their social responsibilities, and the reason for that is an active Area Chairperson, Cr.Masuma. Leading from the front, she is an active lady who spearheads the activities in her area. She arranged each and every aspect of my stay in Mysore- from the hotel to dinner and to all project visits.

Cr.Shilpa Vishwas at the MHLC109 school

Our first stop was Ladies Circle No.109 school project. Called the Saraswati Shishu Vikas Kendra, the school, which is located in Saraswatipuram, it has students up to class 5th. The Ladies Circle takes care of the salary of five teachers, which costs them Rs 1500 per month per teacher. They have also built a toilet block in the same school. The school celebrates the nutrition week, which is coordinated by the circle. The circle has also built a classroom in another school. The funds are raised through an event called Bingo Money and a Signature contest!

Manshud Begum with her daughter Masiha

We then visitied Manshud Begum and her daughter Masiha, who have a small provision store called Lucky Communications in Subhash Nagar. Manshud Begum, who runs the provision store, suffered an injury years ago which left her handicapped. Following her injury, her husband deserted her, while she was 3-month pregnant. With expenses of her treatment mounting up, and the birth of a girl child, she met up with a lady who started supporting her. With the collaboration of Innercircle, Ladies Circle No.108 donated Rs 25,000 to Manshud, who set up this provision store. Today, this provision store is very active and even while we took pictures, her counter was always filled with customers. Her daughter, Masiha, dreams of becoming an astronaut.

Cr.Neetha smiling her way into Area 6

LC 108 also has a project, in which they donate sewing machines. This project, which has been going on for the last three years happens in collaboration with the Vijay Foundation, who run a ‘cutting’ class or a stitching class for two months. At the end of the workshop, Vijay Foundation send their requirement to the Ladies Circle who purchase the sewing machines. Till date, a total of 43 machines have been donated which has made many divorced, widowed and uneducated ladies self-sufficient. Vijay Foundation works in fifteen adopted villages on the outskirts of  Mysore and are also engaged in moral and cultural education.

Cutting Class

A great project to witness. The women were smiling and looking forward to their new-found careers. I would like to thank the team of LC108 for a fantastic opportunity to see this project.

Cr.Jayanthi, Cr.Neetha, Cr.Masuma and Tr. Kailash with their bodyguards

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