A reason to Smile!

A reason to smile 1

It was my last day in Mysore. A wonderful city and I didn’t want to leave it yet. There was just one more project to take pictures off. So there I was, in Masuma’s car, on my way to Ashadayaka Seva Trust, an orphanage which houses 37 children. Mysore Ladies Circle has taken the orphanage as their long-term project. They do a monthly project os Rs 1000 and donate clothes, provisions and stationary. The ladies also come to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries of their children.

A Reason to smile 2

The Trust rehabilitates street children who do not have parents. The trust provides these children with education and all facilities for a clean and healthy living. The children, who are between the age of 2 to 14 years, come from Mysore, Bangalore, Gulbarg and other towns near Mysore. This Trust was formed by Mr.Suresh, who till today works without Government aid.

A reason to smile 3

I walked into the orphanage and found all the children sitting in a circle in the big hall. Most of them were well dressed and had been eagerly waiting for our arrival. As soon as we walked in, we were greeted by Good Afternoon’s from everyone. I had pre-planned a few portraits from the orphanage but ended up taking pictures of all of them. Camera’s are definitely an ice-breaker. When you point at someone, more or less you do get a smile. For these children, who posed for me, it was just another to smile.

A reason to smile 4

The Ladies Circle No.9 also contributed Rs 150,000 towards building a school in the Kumara Koppal village. They have also built a toilet block at Hudagalli at the cost of Rs 65000. The girls get together to organize their annual fundraiser, which is the Diwali Dhamaka, and raise around Rs 180,000. A simple thing like a portrait made these children happy. Sometimes, it’s very difficult to realize that simple things, that make you happy, are free of cost!

Cr. Sunaina with her son

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