Vanakkam! How do you do?

I took an early morning flight to Chennai. Don’t’ you really hate the morning flights? I hardly slept all night, as I thought I’ll oversleep. Anyways, the flight was smooth and I managed some shuteye.

Tamil Nadu is a big and a very active center for circling. There were 26 circles to be covered in two weeks so obviously my schedule was jam- packed. These two weeks wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for exceptional planning by Cr.Sandra Andrews, Cr.Rachana Binani and Cr. Saummya. From the airport pick-up to the last day, I moved around Tamil Nadu with ease and hardly remember any hic-cups.

Freedom from Misery!

Cr.Visruti and a bouquet of flowers greeted me at the airport. It’s nice to receive flowers especially when you have been on the other side of it all your life.  Armed with a ‘Never say die’ attitude, this girl who was born in Gujarat, lived in Coimbatore and then the United States and finally settled in Chennai, worked night shifts in a multi-national company, took care of her family and still had the energy for a morning pick-up from the airport. Visruti, you are a true Indian woman- the one with many arms!

We reached Ladies Circle No.73 project at Mukti. Literally meaning ‘freedom’, Mukti primary objective is to provide artificial limbs and calipers to the orthopedically challenged persons and also to provide vocational training and facilitate self-sustainable and gainful employment. Mukti’s vision is to see that all orthopedically challenged persons have artificial limbs and calipers to walk with dignity and be self-sufficient. It works towards freedom from crutches, freedom from pain and freedom from misery. In the last twenty-five years, they have provided more than 250,000 limbs.

Cr.Visruti at Mukti

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