Go Indigo!

Looks calm, doesn't it?

I am a nervous flyer but getting better. I rather take the train but in today’s world, saving time is the only motto, so that we can do more, achieve more and I guess tire ourselves even more. Though I am a member of another airline, once in a while, I take Indigo, India’s fastest growing airline! Although Indigo comes in a low-cost segment, I have always ranked it as one of my favorite airlines to fly. Not only because they are mostly on time, but also their service is great and the staff always have a smile on their faces.  Their airlines are always clean, announcements clear and more or less, there is a feeling of being invited. Of course, all this has given them many awards- They have been voted as one of the best places to work!

Distraction in bad weather!

For some reason the Kolkatta-Delhi flights have always been turbulent. I have almost come to this conclusion that there are strong winds in a particular sector on these flights and thus even though the weather looks bright and sunny, there is enough to make the aircraft shudder. This flight took off in the middle of monsoon and very smoothly navigated its way around many dark clouds. I am glad that there were no major ‘shakes’ during the flight. What calmed me most are their cookies which come in this extremely beautiful cookie box. By the way, the flight has a great advertising agency behind it, who have a very good design sense matched with extremely good punch lines. I recommend Indigo to all travelers!

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