Make that extra buck!

Need that extra room!

There is always scope to make that extra buck! I learned this on one of my travels on a local bus. The picture is from another journey though.

I was on a bus to Ajmer from Ahmedabad, and had taken a 2X2 deluxe bus service. Usually Deluxe bus service means that it’s slightly more comfortable, and its a superfast i.e. no stops except for refreshments. It even said SUPER-FAST in bold on the windscreen. Buses in peak season, in this case it was the popular Pushkar Cattle Festival, fill up fast and mine was no exception. Within minutes of boarding, I saw that the bus was full and every seat taken.  We were all ready to leave, except the driver.

He shouts at the conductor and points to the aisle, “IT’s EMPTY! FILL IT UP”.

So, passengers were picked up to fill the aisle. It’s not a bad deal, I was told by the conductor. Its cheaper and they still get to the destination. No one complains and that’s whats I like about this country. It’s a part of our lives.

For the rest of the night, my hand became a pillow for an old man sitting on the floor…

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