Madurai Madness!

Safe Drinking Water; Courtesy MLC60

Madurai Madness!

No, the city won’t drive you crazy, but some of its inhabitants would…i.e. if you end up meeting them. I spent most of my day with committed ladies of Ladies Circle, who had decided to take this boy for a ride! Literally! As we drove towards their project called the Kunnatoor Panchayat School, they couldn’t stop talking about their mother in-laws, children, husband, parties (all in a good way!) while I smiled and agreed to most of the things they said. At that moment, I imagined myself as Mel Gibson in the movie ‘What Women Want’ or as a male version of Sarah Jessica Parker, who could pen down a new novel called Madness in the city…whatever!

No looking back to a brighter future!

The Kunnatoor Panchayat School is located in Kunnatoor Village, 20km away from Madurai. Madurai Ladies Circle 60 (an extremely vibrant group of ladies) have supported this school by building a classroom block at a cost of INR 463,000, a toilet block, a new SINTEX water tank and water taps, giving the children access to clean drinking water. This school has been the long-term project for the Ladies Circle and the first thing they did was to make a boundary wall with a gate… an important addition to the school as it is on the highway and many children suffered injuries in road accidents.

Sparks in the eyes!

Apart from this school, the ladies have also adopted Aurangpathi School, where they built a bathroom and a playground. The ladies also contribute towards an old age home, where they have regularly contributed bed sheets and other provisions. So where do they get their funding from? They raise it from what they know best…Dancing! Madurai Ladies Circle organizes a Dandiya night once a year as well as an event on Valentines Day, which gets attended in numbers by the folks of Madurai. This is great ladies…keep up the good work! Thank you Cr.Rachna, you are a super host and I’m glad we got to know each other…and I know it’s for years to come!

The Power Puff Girls! (and dog)

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