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I write a blog on travel, not for profit institutions, art and photography…the passion in my life! But lately, during a recent visit to my ‘Stats’ section, I was surprised to see some of the search engine terms. Being inquisitive, I decided to a check on all the search terms since I’ve started writing, and made a list of the ones that had no relation to my blog. I thought I’ll share them with everyone (with some comments on each)…just a break from my usual posts. Thank you people, for typing in these words in search and visiting my blog. I hope, I was helpful! No tags for me on this post…except for a simple ‘Search Engine Terms’…

having a oorgrasm yourself (check out the spelling!)

call girl karve nagar (where is Karve Nagar?)

Mysore call centre auntie (you got the wrong call centre!)

miss khushbu oil (is that a brand?)

Pune school girls (why? don’t you know what school girls look like?)

kalabagan sex worker (???)

neetha photo from Facebook (Add her as a friend and if she accepts, see the picture!)

Pune call girls photo (Does it means that you call them for photos?)

hotales in Mysore with girls services (with that spelling of hotels…good luck finding any!)

karve nagar girls pune (Karve Nagar again…atleast we now know its in Pune)

redlight area in mysore (It’s before the yellow and the green…hope that helps!)

shilpa couldn’t shave her head off (it’s tough doing it on your own…go to a barber)

eight daughters of sex works tin knot Gujarat (together?)

bus night saree sex story Chennai (Bus night? Night bus?)

www Coimbatore local sex for girls and aunties house wifes real keeps com (No comment)

sex karvenagar (yet again!)

nude gujarati aunties (There are more fish in the sea, my friend)

maduri backside saree (the Saree is worn all around, so please let me know whats a backside saree)

www local coimbatore sex for girls and aunties house for aunty rent com (No comment but thanks for coming to my blog for the 2nd time)

www coimbatore local sex aunties and girls house keeps com (and the third!)

www local tamil coimbatore for sex house looking aunties and girls com (You just love my blog, don’t you?)

program girl talk uses Chennai (uses Chennai? Is that a software?)

sex aunties in Pune (at least it’s not karve nagar)

ladies bars in pune (though it’s still Pune)

Mysore females for fun (like Toys?)

Mysore call girls phone number (its 040-876….oh chuck it! Just go and get it)

lady massage in malleswaram (if they give massage’s to boys, please let me know)

red light area in Mysore hot aunties (pick one…both are tough)

bangali father daughtersex (eeeeuuu!)

pune fun ladies club (now that’s a club where I need membership!)

call girls in karvenagar, pune (KARVE NAGAR AGAIN!)

sex in mysore hotels (Yawn!)

tamilnadu call girls shivers (Shivers?… She’s probably got the flu!)

st xavier’s school burdwan hot girls (I thought it was a boys school)

tamil girl beautiful photos in covai (What is a covai?)

chennai girls for friendship (that bad, huh?)

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