Winter Always Turns to Spring

Have faith and will all be good!

I am not an avid reader on religion, or books on life transforming philosophies, and usually never blog about them, but a recent visit to a Gosho reading conducted for members of the Bharat Soka Gakkai, has left me thinking and somewhat inspired, as it applies to the fundamental aspect of life. ‘Winter always turns to Spring’…don’t we all know that? It will never reverse to become autumn. This is a fact. Literally, its means that the harsh cold winters will lead into the pleasant weather of spring, where landscape will change from the dull greys to vibrant yellows, where life would be outdoors and not indoors!

But this simple line also applies to our life where the harsh realities and challenges we face are compared to winters. Every one goes through personal winters, and according to the Gosho, this is the time we should strengthen our faith, and believe that these challenges and hardships will someday end, carving a path for happiness, just as spring.

It is in spring that the person will emerge victorious!

It is a simple statement but an everlasting implication.

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6 thoughts on “Winter Always Turns to Spring

  1. Me & Beirut on said:

    SUCH a nice photo! 🙂

  2. Rob on said:

    Thanks for your post! I’ve been learning and getting encouragement from the Soka Gakkai for many years…an excellent group!

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