Coimbatore North Ladies Circle-11

Late for Class

My next visit in Coimbatore was at Sewa Nilayam…a Trust dedicated towards working with orphaned girls. I was already so tired by the time I reached here and was in no mood to shoot the project. It was just like a refreshment advertisement I saw on TV…the sun had a straw attached to my head and was happily drinking or should I say draining my energy levels. But then, work is work, and I had no time to waste.

After a quick walk through of the campus, which included getting the required permission to shoot…I decided to focus on the plaque, which mentioned how the classroom block was built by Round Table India and Ladies Circle India. This was it…I hadn’t shot many plaque’s yet and maybe it was a good time to start now…get the perfect shot and run to the nearest ice cream stand. But after a few shots and various angles, I realized that the photograph lacked the spark! As I thought of running to the ice-cream stand, I saw a young girl, running towards a class…no doubt, late for her afternoon lecture. Within seconds, I aligned my camera to take this picture, and this is what I needed! A life, an honesty or naughtiness of the girl running into her class.

Coimbatore North Ladies Circle built the 12-classroom block as well as the recreational center, with the assistance of Round Table. LC 11 raises its monies through an annual raffle, which is utilized for new classrooms, books, clothes and groceries. They also do smaller projects in other schools, which could involve wheelchair donations, sponsoring lunch’s or even participating in their cultural programs.

Smaller projects….did I say that? Any step towards accomplishing these not for profit goals cannot be small…and I wish that this club of enthusiast girls keeps on working towards it!

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One thought on “Coimbatore North Ladies Circle-11

  1. love the shot of the girl running

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