Small Stories

Small Stories.

I saw a little girl twirl, dancing to no music, but enjoying every bit of her motion. She was lost in her own world…and laughed as she went around. Life could be so simple and I learnt that you can be happy by doing the simplest of things. These were some small stories that inspired me to write this post, and as the sun set on my last day in Coimbatore, I left with an image of this girl dancing, freely and without any restrictions.

Small Joys…small stories

The photograph was taken at the TELC Middle School in the Department for the Hearing and Visually Impaired. This is one-room department…a room that has been built by Ladies Circle India and Coimbatore Acme Ladies Circle 85. Made at a cost of Rs 90,000 in 2004, the one-room block is a part of a much larger school which belongs to a Trust of a Church. There is also a block for early interventions…for children who require extra care. The Ladies Circle has also donated furniture, blackboard, fans, hearing aids and braille kits over the years to support this initiative. Education is free.

A vision for the future

This was my last day in Coimbatore. I had spent four days taking pictures of various projects and by the time, I got here, I was tired. It was also a surprisingly cool afternoon, and rather than taking pictures, I sat on the steps that led to the classrooms. It was nearing time for the children to go home, and most of them were already in the fields playing with their friends. The children who were Visually Impaired stayed back in the classroom behind me. In the moments I spent there, I realized how important vision is…to see this beautiful world that God has created, seeing your family and friends, and to have the freedom to run and play without the fear of being hurt. For someone, who was behind the camera all the time, it was so important. It is so important.

We shall overcome!

When I walked back in, I decided to stay put and watch these children, who were requested to recite poems, or tell short stories or sing songs. Some did it happily, while some didn’t. I stayed long enough to take a few pictures before walking towards the church, engrossed on how can I make a difference. There were so many people who needed help and how could I help them alone. It was at this point, while feeling helpless, I saw the little girl dancing…and it filled me with happiness. Small Stories. So what if I can’t solve world hunger, I will try to help in my own little way…and this blog was one of them.


Before I end this post, I would also like to highlight the effort of Ladies Circle 85, who have also contributed towards the building of another classroom block with a toilet and a compound wall for Panchayat Union Middle School in Puthur Village. The total contribution for this project was close to INR 10,00,000 and the Ladies Circle pitched in with close to INR 300,000. The club has also donated medicines, toys and food items to a orphange. The Ladies raised these monies through a kid carnival and treasure hunt. Great going Ladies!

I (Eye)- Care!

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4 thoughts on “Small Stories

  1. Love this post Amit! The girl twirling is such a memorable pic!

  2. inspiring post 🙂

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