Candid Photography at Haridwar Railway Station

When I was in art school, I spent an hour every day sketching people. Be it summer or winter, my favorite sketching spot was the New Delhi Railway Station, which at any point of time, is filled with people. The station has, I think, 16 platforms, which cater to  trains ferrying thousands of travelers, who wait either at the platforms, or in the waiting rooms or near the ticket counter. Sometimes, it is even difficult to walk through the crowd.

At Haridwar Railway Station, my medium to document the travelers was my old and efficient Nikon D70. And I also had my Nikkor 70-300mm lens, which I was using after years. It is one if my favorite lenses for candid photography…easy to handle and light. Though some of my pictures were soft (completely out of practice, I guess), they got sharper by the 5th shot and what followed after that is shown below.

Preparing for a long journey

In Deep thought

Aimless Wandering

Concerned Traveler

Business was slow- A coolie looking for a customer

Shuffling Platforms- A group of people had no idea where the train was coming

Are you shooting me?

If looks could kill…I was dead!

Little Ghummakkad

Oh, just shut up!

Creation of Adam?

Yes Lady…spit it out

School’s over!

Meeting Place on the edge!

Clueless- A group of people aimlessly followed their guide (in blue), finally ganged up on him!

Time to go home!

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7 thoughts on “Candid Photography at Haridwar Railway Station

  1. Scholar Mel on said:

    Reblogged this on 1 Million Reblogs.

  2. Sunbir on said:

    Nice Pics Amit! Keep up the god work

  3. Sunbir on said:

    Oops! I meant “Good Work” 🙂

  4. Darshana on said:

    Brilliant snaps, each frame is a story in itself. Even when you see them one by one, a complete story emerging from these pictures. You have beautifully captured various moods of people at a railway station. The best part is the blurred background that somehow empowers the subject in the frame. All I can say is observation captured beautifully. Your viewers sure travel through your photos. Keep clicking!

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