A VIP welcome in Tirupur!

VIP Movement

It was nothing less that a VIP welcome. Though the journey was short, my drive from Coimbatore to Tirupur welcomed me with fans on either side of the road, standing in the scorching heat, behind barricades waving flags, maybe not even knowing who they expected to drive past. As my car went past, some of the heads tilted, to catch a glimpse of this unsung hero, maybe? Soon they realized that it was an unimportant photographer who didn’t require their attention and went back to their wait for a politician to drive by! Just to play the role, I started waving to some of my ‘fans’ who were more than happy to wave back. A cop gave me suspicious look and I was quickly on my way!

Where there is a will…there is a way!

At Tirupur, I was greeted by the Ladies Circle Chairperson Cr.Pooja, who played host for my two-hour visit. Our first stop was The Tirupur School for the Deaf, which was initiated by Mr.K.Muruganswamy. The school, which was started in 1997, now boasted of 305 hearing impaired students. The school also serves as an orphanage as many of the students have made it their home. The students can study in this school till a primarily level and are taught in the Tamil Nadu State Board syllabus. They also write their papers in the local language i.e. Tamil. Ladies Circle regularly holds magic shows for the children, distribute food and sweets on special occasions and once also contributed RS.50,000 towards the construction of a building.

Real Stars of Tomorrow

The school has a very high standard of education as can be seen in the photograph above. The girl in the picture was an extremely bright student and I found her monitoring a class while the teacher was showing us around. She was also taking classes and teaching her fellow students. I could see the spark in her eyes…even though she couldn’t hear us, she keenly followed our discussion by following our lips and understood bits and pieces of our discussion. Through this post, I request people to come forward to sponsor her education, so that she can continue her education!

Tirupur Ladies Circle doing a good job!

My next stop was the Samadhanam Home- an orphanage and old age home, which was started by Ms.S.Kalarani in 2000. The NGO started by giving shelter to children who were living on the streets. The Home has completely transformed the life of these children, who are 54 in number, and are also schooled in a Government School. Take a look at the picture and see the transformation yourself! The Samadhanam Home also gives shelter, aid and food to the aged. In a separate shelter 37 women and 13 men live and work together for the Home. The Ladies Circle contributes by providing monthly provisions which include salt, pulses, rice, cooking oil, sugar and other items.

Under the SARIS initiative of Ladies Circle, Tirupur Ladies Circle No.44 has constructed more than 20 toilet blocks in and around Tirupur at a cost of Rs 12,96,500. Understanding the importance of hygiene and clean toilets, TLC 44 has taken it upon themselves to build toilets for all rural schools around Tirupur in the coming years!

There are various projects to take and even the slightest help can make a difference. Good job Cr.Pooja Alexander and Tirupur Ladies Circle and thank you for a short and sweet visit to your city!

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2 thoughts on “A VIP welcome in Tirupur!

  1. May I please have the contact of Samadhanam Home in Tirupur as I can’t find it anywhere? I’m a resident of Tirupur and would like to donate our old clothes, toys, bedsheets and blankets to a proper place where it’ll be needed..

    Thanking you in advance,


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