The Chain Bridge in Budapest

Carrying on from my previous post on the sites of Budapest, I would like to highlight another one here. It’s the Szechenyi Chain Bridge in Budapest, the oldest bridge to connect Buda and Pest over the Danube. Just like the Charles Bridge in Prague, the Chain Bridge is very popular with the tourists and you will find plenty of them taking pictures of it from all angles at all times. My personal favorite is post sunset, when the light offers various possibilities to take a good picture. The bridge is well-lit at night, so make sure you get a picture then. If you are a romantic, walk over the bridge but be careful of the spiders (and pretty big too!) that have made the iron railing their home.

Charles Bridge from the Buda Castle

During my three-day stay in Budapest, I saw the Chain Bridge everyday and one evening decided to walk on it (call me a romantic!).  Though there are, I think six, bridges over the Danube now, and a couple of them can be seen during the walk, the Chain Bridge remains the oldest of the lot…it was completed in 1849. It was the first permanent structure to connect Buda and Pest and has gone through renovations in 1949 after World War II. Designed by an English engineer William Clark, the bridge was considered one of the wonders of the world when it was completed. The bridge also derives its name Szechenyi from Count Istvan Szechenyi, who after being stuck across the Danube for a week (bad weather!) decided to support and raise the funds to construct the bridge.

After you’ve walked the bridge, drop into Las Vegas Casino in the Sofitel…it’s a 24-hour casino. I usually don’t gamble but ended up spending a few hours every evening there! And no, I didn’t win!

Connecting Buda with Pest

Charles Bridge after sunset

Charles Bridge after sunset- 2

Walking on the Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge Walk

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  1. Veronica Pendergast on said:

    So jealous! Very beautiful pics!

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