Projects of Coimbatore City Ladies Circle 16

(Though my current posts are about a recent visit to Hungary, I will be taking a small deviation to write about a project that I visited in Coimbatore last year, which is maintained by Coimbatore City Ladies Circle 16.)

While the girls stayed indoors, the boys decided to make it sporting day!

Everybody called it the ‘Deaf and Dumb School’ and I wondered if there was any other name for it. But there wasn’t. During my stay in Coimbatore, I went back to this project various times, as various Ladies Circles were actively involved with it. My experience today, was my first visit and that too, a very touching one. Thank you Cr.Uma Sekar for being a wonderful host, a humble leader and a dear friend. Thank you other members, including Tr.Shankar, for giving me a lifetime experience by staying at your place, Cr.Sumithra, Cr.Nithya and Cr.Suman.

Practices are on!

The ‘Deaf and Dumb School’ turned out to be quite active, and apart from basic education, there was a lot of importance to arts and crafts and sports. My visit turned out at a time when various practices were going on and I managed to get a glimpse of their sports activities.

CCLC16 has made the school their long-term project. Over the years, they have built a classroom block and thus, played a pivotal role in giving the children a roof to study under. They also actively involve themselves in other activities like sports days, painting competitions and Independence Day celebrations as well. On Diwali, the children are given sweets to eat and are given presents.

Craft Activities at the School!

The vocational training center, which is in the school as well, teaches are boys to work on various machines, while the girl learn the craft of basket making, stitching and embroidery as well as bag-making. To boost up the kids, the circle provides them with all the necessary raw materials for these crafts!

The crafts class with CCLC Team!

The school also has a science lab, which was made by the Circle with the assistance of the local Government. The lab is well equipped with computers and tables…all contributed by CCLC16. It doesn’t end here. Four students who completed their school were given additional funding to pursue higher education as well as assistance was provided in finding jobs. Whoa! Now that’s what I call active circling! Ladies, it was a privilege to visit your project.

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