A Life Line for Salem

(A couple of days ago, I saw a picture of a couple kissing their child on the forehead. This was going to be their final goodbyes as the new-born who was on a life support was not going to live much longer. I could not even finish reading the post as my emotions got the better of me.)

Today, I talk about my visit to Salem and to a child adoption centre called the Life Line Trust (LLT). Life Line is a Home for babies that are abandoned or surrenderd by their parents for various reasons…social or economic. Started in April 2002, Life Line takes care of these babies and also tries to find the right for them by a legal process of adoption. On an average, the center finds a suitable home for 45 children per year.

Life Line finds suitable homes for these babies

Life Line is also very actively involved in the elimination of Child Labour. Salem in Tamil Nadu has one of the highest number of children working as labour…a number that has been approximated at 50000. Through continuous support and effort, Life Line has rehabilitated close to 200 children in the last few years. It may seem like a drop in the ocean but it’s a start! Most of the children are placed in Learning Centers for Working Children as well as given access to a Children Library. Life Line trust also actively works towards the prevention of trafficking of Children for exploitation.

Salem Ladies Circle has made Life Line trust their long-term project and have sponsored their brochures as well as contributed towards the care of the babies either by providing for the nutrition or healthcare. For me, this was an eye-opener as I hadn’t visited a center similar to LLT in my few months of travel. And now, in hindsight after looking at the picture posted on Facebook, this organizations makes even more sense.

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4 thoughts on “A Life Line for Salem

  1. Darshana on said:

    A story of hope that these children will dream. Hats off to the organisation for contributing in building a better world. Thanks once again for sharing this fabulous effort. 🙂

  2. Great hope in this story.

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