The Friday Flea Market in Baroda! (Part-1)

In case you don’t want these, I have more inside!

In all the many visits I have made to Baroda, this was the first time for me at the Friday Flea Market. I didn’t even knew it existed and can only blame myself for that. Once I got to know from fellow artists, I wasted no time and scheduled to be at the market early morning on the coming Friday. Locally, it’s called Sukarwari, from the word Sukarwar, which means Friday. After asking a few other friends, I realized that it was a good hunting ground for old things…of course, it depended on a keen eye and good luck. A good time to get there is between 6 and 7 in the morning. Though some of the vendors are still setting up their stalls, the good ones sell out very fast. Most of the vendors also sell old electronics, furniture, books, music records and anything and everything that can be sold. The prices are dirt cheap and we were able to pick up objects for under a dollar each. There is also another section to the market…animals, and you will be caught in heavy goat traffic! Be careful and carry enough drinking water.

A door for your Home, maybe?

Early Bird gets the treasure!

Decorations, anyone?

Check before you buy! Be tuned in to the products

A tough group to haggle with!

Guarantee Shanantee….ya right!

Hopefully, this would be a Lucky Day!

These residents have the first pick!

Wouldn’t mind a cup myself!

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