Baroda’s Friday Market (Part-2)

There are so many choices!

Continuing from my previous post on Baroda’s Friday Market, I would now like to comment on a particular segment of it, which was a narrow lane curving along a high wall (probably a jail). This entire stretch was filled with animals, with more than 90 percent of them being goats. The reason for the rush of goats in the Friday market was the upcoming festival of Eid. Goats came to be sold from near and far, in different sizes and colour, in different kinds of transportation. While some were rich enough to travel in a jeep, some came in a auto-rickshaw (tuk tuk) while the rest came in a cycle cart. I am not too sure if this rush would be there next time I visit this market but I do hope to find other animals…after all, they are great subjects for a photographer!

Alright, you! Get out of the jeep!

Look! They have the same hairdo!

Choices choices choices

Name your colour!

Finally, something interesting!

How much for that?

Stop toying around and pay the price!

The market in full swing


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4 thoughts on “Baroda’s Friday Market (Part-2)

  1. Those hair dos!!!

  2. fascinating images!

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