The Jaipur Double Decker and IRCTC’s Go-Green Initiative!

The Railway Office of the Indian Government are getting some things right…atleast! I am very impressed by their ‘Don’t print your ticket’ campaign, which now allows travelers to travel on an SMS, or they can show their e-ticket on their phones or their laptops. This has become popular and it’s nice to see so many trees being saved. With a population like India, I am sure that this ‘Go-Green’ effort will go a long way!

New Kid on the Rail!

Another wonderful addition to the Indian Railway family is the Double Decker train between New Delhi and Jaipur. This fully air-conditioned train service fills in the gap of commuters who were looking at reaching Delhi in the morning or arriving in Jaipur in the evening. It’s fast, almost non-stop but has the following drawbacks:

1.It’s cramped!

Being a double-decker, the train is cramped and if you are tall (6feet and above), you would not be able to stand straight in the lower deck. Moreover, theĀ seating arrangement is very tight, leaving you completely trapped for the 4-hour journey. If you have the middle seat, then God save you!

2.No Dinner!

If you are expecting to be served a meal, then don’t expect it. The train has no food service, though a few vendors keep coming with tea/coffee and cold drinks. A few them also had vegetable cutlets and another had vegetarian biryani but I decided to pass it for many reasons.

The train needs a first class, with more leg room. Until it gets that, I prefer the morning train. Enjoy a few pictures of the train as well as some more of the Delhi Cantonment Railway Station.

Show us the light, O Double Decker!

A ghost from the past!

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2 thoughts on “The Jaipur Double Decker and IRCTC’s Go-Green Initiative!

  1. wanted to have a look at the Double Decker! no pics of inside or outside?

    • Thank you for your comment and I couldn’t agree with you more. In fact, I remember contemplating taking pictures of the train in detail but I was more interested in capturing it’s colour in motion. I’ll make sure I’ll update the post with pictures on my next trip.

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