Salem Ladies Circle 91- Tender Hearts that care for the people!

Happy Smiling Face in Salem

Happy Smiling Faces in Salem


I arrived here from Erode on the eve of the final of the World Cup. Was India going to win this one? Whether India won or not, Salem ladies Circle 91 won a lot of hearts with their great work. A very active circle, LC91 had various projects running in Salem and I got a chance to see 3 of them in a very short and quick trip. My first stop was at Tender Hearts- A Home for the Mentally Challenged. The Home has 52 inmates, who live and work at the Home. The Ladies Circle provides the institution with groceries and newspaper- a raw material that helps them make paper products, which are sold to meet some of the expenses of the Home. The Ladies Circle also actively tries to get orders for these products.

Working on Tender Hearts

Working on Tender Hearts

My next stop was  at the Deaf and Dumb School near the Railway Station. The children of this school are housed in an old colonial building, which has large enough spaces. Out of the 90 children that are in attendance daily, half of them stay here permanently. The Ladies Circle provides a mid day meal, some snacks and sponsors special meals at various occasions. The excitement of the children upon seeing visitors was overwhelming.

A Colonial Home!

A Colonial Home!

The main project for LC91 is an orphanage home called Aravanikkum Karangal (, which has 30 residents. Run by Reverend John Frederick Solomon, this Home provides shelters to 30 women and children, who are also provided with education as well as meals. Out of this close-knit family, 2 girls have been married and 7 are going to college. Ladies Circle India sponsors the education of these girls, as well as provides stationary, clothes, bed sheets or any other item that is required. An annual amount od Rs 75,000- Rs 100,000 is spent on this project.

Keeping them together!

Keeping them together!

Ladies Circle also executed a project which involved raising money for a surgery of a pregnant lady. In a short span, Ladies Circle with the help of Round Table raised Rs 50,000 which funded the surgery and saved the life of both the mother and the child. Apart from this, LC91 has also contributed to the upkeep of Lake Mookereni.

After a shot of projects, we landed at a fellowship event for the World Cup Final. India won the World Cup. After seeing these projects, I felt I did too!

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