Saving the Mookaneri Lake in Salem!

Giving back to Nature!

Giving back to Nature!

Salem, as a city, was quite a surprise. It’s access to the eastern ghats and lakes makes it a picturesque place to be in. Just a short drive will take you to Yercaud, a quiet hill station or to Mookaneri, a beautiful lake in the city. But Mookaneri was not always beautiful. Till a few years ago, this lake had turned into a city dump because of the sewage that was being drained into it. After a while, this lake which was known to host migratory birds literally dried up. Citizens and environmentalists of Salem, as well as all the three Ladies Circles and Round Tables of Salem have contributed to the 87 laks to preserve the 39-acre water spread. This lake in turn provide waters for more than 100 acres of land!

When I visited the lake, I was thrilled to see this beautiful lake and how it had transformed the city. There were still efforts to restore it to its initial beauty. I can’t wait to head back to Salem to see that developement!

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2 thoughts on “Saving the Mookaneri Lake in Salem!

  1. QWERTY on said:

    i live in salem and i often go there to clean the lake. Whenever i go there i can find 100’s of fish dead !!!!

    • I admire the fact that you volunteer to clean the lake. We need many more like-minded individuals like you. Regarding the dead fish, I hope that the matter can be resolved soon.

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