The Occasionalist in Tranquebar

After years of contemplation, I finally made it to Tranquebar, a small Danish town on the east coast of India. Though I knew that the small town was, err, small; I could never imagine it to be so isolated, quiet, and unknown. I heard about Tranquebar for the first time almost ten years ago and am surprised even today, most of the people are unaware of this place. Probably because of its connectivity (almost 6 hours drive from Chennai) and probably because there is nothing to do here. Never in my recent part of a life, have I come across a place, where my mind had no thoughts, where I was so much at peace that I managed a walk through of my grand mothers house in Mumbai to the minutest detail, where work and pleasure seemed unimportant.

Tranquebar has a beach and a couple of hotels, the best being Neemrana’s Bungalow on the Beach and the Gate House. For the first time I admired the hotel not for its comfort but for its details and I admired the beach not for its details, but for its vastness. In between the detail and the vastness, was me.

I have slacked in my writing and have become an occasionalist; visiting my blog almost as a visitor. I hope that some thoughts that I carry back from this trip convert to many blogs.


A quiet sunrise over the Bay of Bengal


A panorama from the pier, overlooking the Danish Palace and the Bungalow on the Beach


Another panorama from the land


I didn’t how much one can take of the same view


The Dasavatars at The Gate House, Tranquebar


Hanuman greets Lord Rama, Sita and Lakshman. Not far away from Tranquebar is the historic Rameswaram where Hanuman and his army made the bridge to Sri Lanka


A joyful detail at The Bungalow on the Beach


An ode to Raghubir Singh and his book on the iconic Ambassador


Though the Danish Museum is uninspiring, its location isn’t!


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