About Ghummakkad

Ghummakkad (it’s a Hindi word) means a vagabond.

Follow my blog and feel my joy when I meet people, visit various not for profit projects and explore a beautiful country called India! The images are from current travels and my archives, which have taken me far and wide. The blog started when I quit my job two years ago and decided to travel across India to meet members and volunteers of a not for profit organization called Round Table India and Ladies Circle India.

I joined a new company (much to the happiness of family and friends) after 7 months of travel, but built an interesting range of stories to tell. Since I work in the field of arts, you will also (sometimes) read a post or two on art…and maybe a few posts on life.

I love meeting people, so in case you are coming to India, do let me know, so that you can get some GK (Ghummakkad Knowledge) on India!

25 thoughts on “About Ghummakkad

  1. Dear Amith,

    WOW this seems to be very very interesting…
    The blog says it all..
    Thanks for taking time for showcasing the contributions (which are sometimes unnoticed )of Ladies Circle India to the world .
    This is a tremendous step for the betterment of our movement.
    I think we should link this blog to our LC India website too!!!
    Wish u all the best for future en-devours…

    Cr.Namrata H shenoy
    National Twinklers Convenor
    LC India,2010-11

  2. Abhishek Singhania on said:

    Excellent Work Amit. Lovely pictures and very inspiring work.


    Tr. Abhishek Singhania
    GMCRT (Gurgaon) – 217

  3. Antara on said:

    Love the pictures! I’m so glad you were freshly pressed and I got introduced to your blog. You do such good work. 🙂


  4. love it!

  5. Darshana on said:

    A visual and textual treat for those who love traveling. I enjoyed reading the touching stories and inspiring work carried out by women across India. Thank you Amit for sharing this wonderful journey of yours with us. Keep us posted!

  6. Lovely blog with photos so full of the life and colour of India. Really makes me want to visit your beautiful home.

  7. ANJ on said:

    Hey Amit…. This is such a pleasure and an encouragement….. Ur efforts and intrests are truly inspiring… Wish you visit us again soon… And great luck to you and family ALWAYS……. Have fun you GHUMMAKKAD……

    • Hi Anjali, Compared to your efforts, this is nothing. I wish I could have done this earlier. PLease keep me in the loop with your activities and let’s try to make a difference! Thank you for your comment.

  8. Found this blog through your comment on a travel-related post I read. Just had a quick look at many of your posts & pictures and have a feeling that I would like to come back.

    Photography & travelling have resiliently been my top two interests, I came to realise a few months back. Since then, I have been wondering how to harness them in a fulfilling way. Reading about what you did is inspiring. But did you also say that you have re-joined a corporate job once again? Why, may I ask?

    • Many thanks for dropping by and I appreciate your comment. Traveling and photography are my passions and I would do anything to be somewhere, anywhere with my camera. Last year I quit my job and traveled across India taking pictures of not for profit organizations, which has also become my aim in life- to educate. Why I got back to my corporate life…I haven’t figured out how to live off my blog and I need money to support my family as well as pursue my hobby of collecting art! I am glad you liked ghummakkad!

    • First of all, Thank you for the nomination. It feels like that there are people out there who enjoy what I do!
      Secondly, like you, I am new to the world of blogging but I assume that I need to answer the questions in your post. Is that correct?
      Thanks once again!

      • Yes thats correct! If you google Leibster Award you’ll find heaps of other blog posts with instructions, most of which are slightly different, so I improvised 🙂

  9. Such a Nice Blog , Ghummakad 🙂 Lots of to travel & learn meanwhile .

    Had pleasure to visit this blog , Mr. Amitkumar .

  10. Philippe on said:

    great pics!!!

  11. I chanced upon your lovely blog by chance ,I was trying to learn about a certain Walter Joyce who published a Telugu “First Poetical Reader ” along with one N.C. Seashacharyulu.in the year 1859 with tge assistance of TelugZu pandits of the Government Normal College, Madras. I vould find from a post that he was the Head Master in the then Madras presidency.

  12. Gopal on said:

    Hello GhumakkadJi,
    Would you be so kind as to provide me with the complete contact particulars of the orphanage Balak Ashram, Trimbak Road, Nasik [run by Doctor Couple Pawar]
    Rgds / Gopal

    • Dear Mr. Gopal, I do not have the address on me as it has been more than 6 years since my visit. Hope you will find it on the net. Have a good day.

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